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The products we sell are the base prices of what CafePress sells them at - we don't make a penny on any of it. So, if, say the Women's T-Shirt is more expensive than the normal one, it is because they charge more. ^_^;

(Since there are so many products, click on the design you are looking for to see the products associated with it. Also, if you see a design you like, and you want it on something else Cafepress puts images on, email us and we'll update the store, in case you want a Sad Puppy Angels tote bag or whatever. Sorry, no thongs. -_-;)

New! The long-awaited DDR Tee. ^^

New! (well, not -really- new) Sad Puppy Angels merchandise!

A personal favorite of mine, this Valentine's Day Paul and Autumn poster.

Susie poster!

New! Susie poster, sans logo ^_^ (16x20in)

New! A Susie shirt, with a Susie saying. ^_^

New! 'Bishonen Magnet' boxers for the girls!

New! 'Bishonen Inside' boxers for the guys!

'Good Girls Want Bad Boys' Nic shirt - official shirt of the Nic Fan Club! (Also, note the nifty 'DT' + slogan on the back - made especially to go with this shirt!)

New! The Nic shirt, without the words, for those who like to sport art without slogans. Also includes that new-style DT I put on the other shirt.

'Fear the Fangirl' stuff!

('Fear the Fangirl' with just the picture, for those who don't want to be marked as a fangirl in public. ^_^;)

The basic Year Two cast pic!

Basic Logo merchandise, for that minimalist look.

The definition of 'Ferior'. ^_^

Brittany reads those fanboy's minds..

..while Ken tells them what they truly are! (these two sport the Year One cast photo on the back, for old-school goodness!)