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The End

So, it's 3 o'clock, and I'm obsessively touching up tiny things in the comic, knowing that when I finally say it is good, it's all over.

Six years. I've thought about what I was going to write here - what has changed in my life over the course of 'Dub This!', but honestly, that doesn't matter. When I think of the comic, I think about how I sat with Gabby coming up with Autumn's backstory, standing in the tape line with Scott figuring out what types of fanboys there were, and waking up multiple times in the middle of the night with a storyline idea that just needed to get written down, lest it be lost in the fog of sleep. DT! is individual moments, to me. Putting my thoughts about the hard work it takes to build something from nothing into Paul, Drawing the curve of the neck of the girl I love into Autumn (and her temper into Susie), remembering my lost father as I poured the goals I still strive to attain into Pete, thinking about the wrongs I did when I was younger and how I could ever make them right in Simon, Imagining the dark side of everyone into Nic and Lucian, the trials of love denied into Brittany and Barry, and on and on and on.

Anyone who says that people make up stories out of thin air is fooling themselves.

Now, there is an entirely new group of people making the rounds of the country's largest, most vibrant anime club, but now I look at them, think of how young they look, and listen to their stories from behind the counter. You'd think that stories of love, loss, heroism, and tribulation would get old after all these years.

They never do.

Thanks for reading.

'Stand Tall' will start October 5, at Right now, it is just a placeholder, but as the day approaches, the site will start to go live - new forums, new characters, and so on. At that point, this site will be archived - set in stone, as a testament to my years with Scott, and as a reference for the interested readers of the upcoming, new comic. So, as Bandai Guy says, Stay Tuned - much more is in store.

Gees, Where have I been.
Hi Everybody,

Life has been rocky as always in the House Scott, of the Second Dynasty of the third age. However, a beam of shiny hope can be seen in the distance! Itís that time of year ago. Otakon! A special time of year for all to enjoy, Iíll be attending for what I believe is my 8th or 9th Otakon! (gees!) honestly every year gets better and better! This year, as in the last 5 years or so Iím running the ďAnime Club summitĒ with members of the industry, the anime unite people and a writer at Newtype (whoís really cool, not that I am biased because he once referred to me as the legendary Club president Scott Johnson in a Newtype ^_^{can I not mention that enough}) Anyhow, the panel is in panel room 3 from 3pm to 4:30, and if you stop by donít hesitate to say hi because for some of you itís been a long time since Iíve talked.
As is the norm these days, my Anime watching has been limited. Iíve been watching slowly though netflixes samurai champloo and Aquarian Age. As for video games Iím still slowly working through Phoenix Wright and Castlevania and of course World of Warcraft. (Poor Gamecube, Iíll play you again in the future!)

Anyhow, Iíve been spending most of my weekends down the shore in Wildwood NJ, if youíll ever be around that way donít hesitate to contact me, I always enjoy running into interesting people down there! Till next time!


Oh yeah baby! The online store is up and running (sort of). It's still under the ip for testing instead of but it should all be switched over by the end of this week. Ah. Time to get some sleep. Check the forums (under Blah Blah Blah) for info on seeing the site.

Anyone in the area this week should stop by the store on Saturday for Korean Drama day! I'll be getting the last of my stock in this week and stock them shelves full of drama goodness. Everyone should watch dramas! So dramatic! So drama-y! :P

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