Call of the Joe


Ian Gainsborough

Authorís note: The second and final part. Thatís all you gotta know.

Part 2: Revelations and Showdown

Autumn sat in her cell, feeling her wrist. His touch was ice, his gaze even colder. Could it be possible itís him? She dwelt on this thought, wondering if it was really true. But she was too much in pain to think anymore. She knew she had to believe in Paul, believe heíd come for her. The doors soon opened, several Joe trudging in and grabbing her by the arms. A blindfold and gag stopped her from talking or seeing of what was going on.

Paul stood before the mall, entering as others left, knowing it to be time to leave. Security was light in the mall, so a lot of people stayed in when it was past closing time. It was a small mall, so security was light. He saw riffraff driven out by glow-stick wielding Joe. Paul slipped into silence, returning with a Paintball gun, cocked and ready. He was glad to have saved it in the nearby bushes of plants. He waited patiently; hoping for a sign Autumn was all right. The muffled struggles of a girl caused the alert Anime Club President to turn, Autumn, sure enough, bound and gagged was thrown to the ground by a Joeís blow. Paul stood from his position, glaring at the Joe with hateful rage boiling in his throat.

"Did you miss me Paul?" A cold and sinister voice came from behind, Paul turning to gaze at the pale skin of the one person he wished to never have seen: Nicolas. Paul was taken aback, shock and fear flushing in to clash against his emotions of rage and hate.

"Nicolas!" Paul shouted. Nic slowly smiled, gripping a red glow-stick and lowered his shades to pierce Paulís warm skin with his cold glance. Paul drew foil, holding it out to challenge Nic. Nicolas chuckled, tossing his shades to a Joe, and taking up a Kendo Training sword.

"Iíve been wanting to end this for a very long time," Nic sneered.

"As have I," Paul grimly retorted. Nic lunged in, sword ready to run through Paul. His foil slapped against the shaft, Nic turning to Paul behind him.

"I could have counted you as a friend, Nicolas," Paul said over his shoulder. "But I guess you couldnít handle being around your sister." Nic swung around, Kendo Sword connecting with Paulís chest. Paul fell to his knees, holding his chest and feeling as though his guts would erupt out his mouth. He regained his composure, reacting in the nick as he caught the Kendo sword by its shaft, and ripping it clear from Nicolasí hand. He fist surged forward, catching Nic in the cheek. The man reeled, pulling his tazer from his back pocket and slashed for Paul, electricity humming and vibrant between the prongs. Luckily for Paul, he anticipated this, and wove this way and that, that beam coming nowhere near him. Paul bumped into a wall, Nic, rushing at him, and nowhere way to go but down. He calculated, and ducked just in time as Nicís tazer zapped the plaster pillar. Paul headbutted Nic in the gut, whose eyes bulged and he let out a yelp and thrown back against a bench. He dropped his tazer. Paul picked up the Tazer and turned the power off, dropped it to the ground, and stepped on it. Nicolas, dazed, stood once more in pained grunts, helped by a couple of Joe.

"Címon, boss," they stood him up. "Beat this wimp."

"Over my dead body!" Autumnís voice came up, and swung at several Joe with Nicís forgotten Kendo Training Sword. As the Joeís fell, her passion and feeling for Paul rose. She dropped the stick, pushing her younger brother over, who folded in half on the bench. Autumn wrapped her arms around Paulís neck, kissing him passionately. The Joe and Nic just lay about, beaten stupid.

"Think we should report them?" Paul asked, pointing his sight to the unconscious gang. Autumn shook her head, her disheveled blue-haired head.

"Let the police come in and round them up," she answered, and wrapped her arm around Paulís shoulder.

Paul and Autumn quietly entered the Anime Club hall, sharing a kiss once more, and quietly went their separate dorm rooms.

The next morning, police found several items, a fencing foil, a Kendo Training Sword, glowsticks, and a smashed tazer. However, no owners claimed such peculiar items and therefore belonged to the police until someone came in and claimed them.

"You OK, Autumn?" Paul asked, catching his love off guard. She smiled as his hands wrapped around her waist, and received a kiss on her neck.

"I am now," she sighed, and just looked on the sky.

The End! ^_^

Authorís note: Itís at an end! Finally! How was that? Hope you liked it! I was wanting it to be somewhat longer, but I think itís a lot better as a Romance/Action, donít you agree? Expect more from me, Luke!